1. Let It Go

From the recording About Time

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Morning breaks and the highways are alive with liars, sharks, and snakes
Business men who deal,
and murders who kill.
To me it’s all the same

The river keeps on rolling out into the bay
You can choose to swim, or you can
let the current drag you away

Slow down. Try and relax for a little while
It’s just an illusion. One big magic show
I’m afraid we’ll never let it go

Get in line for the next big thing
like a new car or a big screen TV.
Make sure you have more than your neighbours, your friends and family.

Buy what you need until you feel whole.
But while you feed your belly,
I will feed my soul.

When you feel alone, don’t.
We all feel the same.
You’re just another Sunday driver
who got caught up in the fast lane.