1. For a While

From the recording About Time

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Another familiar sight
as I head out into the night
Into an empty room with a
bird’s eye view of my self-doubt

Another tiny stage,
like empty lines on the page
Thinking bout all the better things
I could do with my time

But it’s one more chance to
sing a song or two
One more chance to
change your point of view
Won’t you give me one more chance
to make you smile?
And maybe we could be happy for a while

Another long ride home
to spend another night alone
But I’ve got Paul Simon playin on my radio
Another night of song;
sharing my heart with everyone
How I wish that you could
share your heart with me

I could be wrong but I could be right
We all live in the dark until we see the light
I might never make it to Graceland
But there’s just one thing I hope you understand