1. Lonely Gunman

From the recording Live at The Schoolhouse Theatre

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There’s a place just off the coast from the middle of nowhere
Deep inside the hills
Sitting silently lives a lonely gunman
Counting up his kills

When he was young he dreamed of a life
of growing old and happy
But he was so naïve
Cause you can never shoot a gun; pull the trigger
With a heart on your sleeve

He’s come to terms with a life spent alone
No room for love in a heart made of stone
He made the choice oh so long ago
Between a woman and a smoking gun

There was a time he fell in love and he was happy
With a woman soft and kind
But every time he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger
He left a bit of himself behind

So no he’s haunted by the eyes of the lives he’s taken
As they’re makin their last stand
There is no amount of time that can wash away
The blood from his hands