From the recording Live at The Schoolhouse Theatre

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This morning I woke up in heaven
Felt the sunshine warming my face
Finished my drink from last evening
And read my Ernest Hemmingway

As I skimmed through the pages
I felt like the old man out at sea
All alone in the darkness
And dreaming of lions on the beach

I needed to get away
I needed to clear my head
The time had come for me to go home
But I know I won't leave here alone

This morning I woke up beside you
And fell in love all over again
The sun on the ocean is a diamond
That shines from Havana to Holgein

As we wandered through the city
We read Hasta La Victoria Siempre
As little boys beg for candy
And reach for the glasses on your face

Where the land is fertile and abundant
men battle for power and justice
we might only be here for a moment
but it takes a piece of your heart when you go