From the recording Live at The Schoolhouse Theatre

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A rainy day in Moncton I’ve got a little time on my hands
Another day in Moncton give a little rest for a travelling man
Highway 2 is leading me further from my home
But the kindness of the Maritimes shows me I’m not alone

Where trouble never finds you it just slips into the sea
And Every road you travel leads you right back to the Crossroads of the East

The father, son, and holy ghost keep me company behind the wheel
I sing along through verses of Bob and Paul and Neil
They’re my only guiding light as I traverse parts unknown
But Another day in Moncton I’ll be on my way back home

The faintest smell of home is wafting through my memory
As I’m dreaming on this Ferry in the Bay of Fundy
I will trade in music as my only currency
For a place to stay and a bite to eat I’ll sing you something sweet


Crossroads point me home x8