Fireworks and Blue Jays

Well I've just finished a wonderful "staycation" with the one I love and it's good to be back. It was nice to have some time away and spend some time with friends and family!

Day 1 started low key with a binge watch of Orange is the New Black which is highly recommended! Sorry if my writing turns dark and incarcerated-ish.
Day 2 lead us to the Toronto Island and some beach time in the sun. It was my first time since I was very young, like pre-memory young, and it was a relaxing time in and around some beautiful scenery. Were it not for the skyline I couldn't tell I was in a major city. Then we shared a charcuterie with some good friends. It was my first time around the charcuterie board. Too fancy to say, but just delicious enough for these taste buds!
Day 3 saw us venture into the Rogers Cen...ahem.....SkyDome to watch the Blue Jays beat The Milwaukee Brewers in Canada Day red jerseys. Another first came as I watched the dome open for the first time. A 27 minute impressive maneuver! Then the day ended with fireworks and a barbeque back home with some friends and family
Day 4 rounded out the vacation with another day of rest and relaxation, card games, and more TV binge-watching.

A nice little time "away from it all" but I look forward to some great gigs this weekend! See you in Listowel, Cambridge, or London. Check the shows page for all the details

All the best,


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  • Captain Vin
    Captain Vin soon to be in cottage country Ontario
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and mini-stacation with us!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and mini-stacation with us!

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