A Not Long Enough Weekend

Well I hope everyone had a great August long weekend! Mine consisted of 2 shows and a cottage. Not bad if I do say so myself...which I do.

Friday brought me to the beautiful town of Elora, ON and The Metcalfe. I met some new friends and had a great night. Then it was onto Bobcaygeon on Saturday and Trailfest. What's Trailfest you say? Well it's a yearly event where Jeep enthusiasts get together and drive their souped-up 4x4's through trails and Canadian Sheild and such. I didn't make it onto a trail but I played tunes all day while riders came in and out. They even have games, like the one where you use your Jeep to push a giant beachball into a kiddie pool. Amazing. Thanks for having me!

After the work was through it was further west into the Kawarthas and to a cottage rented with my close friends including McLoud who will be laying down the low notes on the next record. All in all it was a weekend of work, music, good friends, and great scenery. Maybe a few drinks were involved too.

Who else needs a weekend to get over their weekend?

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