Backlots and Records

Well today is a start to a great weekend! Thank you Coral from The Record in KW for the wonderful write-up! The whole article can be read here: The Record

Tonight it's onto the Metcalfe in beautiful Elora, ON and then no shows until Wednesday at Monigram Cafe. What's happening at Monigram you say? Well I'm glad you asked!!! This is their 3rd Backlot Session which is an intimate concert series held above their store in downtown Cambridge, ON! It's licensed, seats about 60 and has 2 talented songwriters playing music for you. Here are the details:

Backlot Sessions
Wednesday June 25
8pm to 10pm
w/ James Clark Jones

Monigram Cafe
16 Ainslie St S
Cambridge, ON

Tickets available at Monigram or at the door. See you on Wednesday!


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