An Album, a CD Release, and a Tour!

This is my 3rd album. Almost 6 years to the day from releasing my first. This is 6 months of hard work culminating in 12 songs, a new album, a CD release party, and an Eastern Canadian Tour. This is more songs, more musicians, and more time spent than I have before. We are one week away and I haven't been this happy and excited in quite some time. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project. It's been a pleasure.

Friday May 1 is the official release day and we are celebrating with a huge concert at The Boathouse in downtown Kitchener. See the poster below for details. $10 at the door or you can get tickets at The Boathouse or Encore Records in Kitchener.

Then I am headed east. From May 15-30 I am touring to Halifax NS, and back to support the new record. So check out the Shows page, I hope to see you out there on the road.

All the best,

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